Varicocele Pre & Post Operative Instructions


Varicocele Pre Operative Instructions

  1. Avoid any medication that thins the blood for 5 days. This includes but is not limited to motrin, aspirin, advil, alleve, and naprosyn.
  2. Shower with an antibacterial soap, such as Lever 2000 or Dial soap, the night before or morning of the procedure.

Varicocele Post Operative Instructions

    1. Remove all dressings, from inside the athletic supporter in 24 hours. Continue use of a scrotal support for up to 1-2 weeks as comfort dictates. Leave the steri strips (sticky tape over the incision) alone. They will come off by themselves. If not, I will remove them when I see you in the office. Absorbable sutures are used to close the incision and do not need to be removed.
    2. Intermittently apply ice packs to the scrotum tonight and tomorrow. You may shower as usual the following day.
    3. Prescriptions for medications to prevent infection and alleviate pain will be given to you; take as directed. Two days post-operatively, Extra-Strength Tylenol or ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin) should be sufficient to relieve discomfort. These are non-prescription medications.
    4. A normal, well-balanced diet can be resumed when you return home. Make sure to include lots of fluids.
    5. You can return to normal, non-strenuous activity after 24 hours or when you feel “up to it”. If any activity causes discomfort, do not continue. Activities such as weight lifting and jogging can be resumedin 2 weeks. NO SEXUAL ACTIVITY FOR ONE WEEK.
    6. Return to the office for follow up and examination of a post vasectomy semen specimen approximately 6 weeks after the procedure. Please call (973) 218-9400 for an appointment time. The specimen should be produced at home, the same day as the visit. Specimen cups are available from my office, or at most pharmacies (ask for a sterile urine specimen container).
    7. You may experience some postoperative discomfort.  Complications are rare but can occur.

Common discomforts or symptoms may include the following and do not require a doctor’s attention:

      • Bruising and slight discoloration of the scrotal skin. This resolves in approximately 1 week.
      • Slight swelling of the scrotum. You may feel “notches,” which are temporary swellings at the suture site if sutures are used.
      • A very small amount of thin, clear, pinkish fluid may drain from the incisions for a few days after the procedure. The area should be kept clean and dry.

Post operative complications that require prompt medical attention:

    • Wound infection: You may develop a fever. The wound could become warm, swollen, red and painful, with pus draining from the incision site.
    • Scrotal Hematoma: Extreme discoloration of the scrotum, throbbing pain, and bulging wound.
  1. Contact Dr. Seaman or one of his associates at (973) 218-9400 if any problems develop.
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