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New Test for Male Fertility Currently Available Only Through Dr. Seaman’s Office


The office of Dr. Eric Seaman has become the first site in New Jersey for a new test for male fertility called a “CAP-score” made by the privately held company, Androvia.

The limitations of the predictive ability of a semen analysis are well recognized since the test literally relies on “looking” at sperm. Semen analysis relies on measurements of count, motility and shape a proxies for fertilizing ability. But those aren’t actually tests of sperm function at all.
The Androvia test is a readily performed measure of the “capacitation” ability of the sperm. “Capacitation” refers to maturational changes a sperm MUST undergo in order to penetrate and fertilize an egg.

Dr. Seaman’s office was involved with some of Androvia’s initial research and aided in their ability to define CAP-score results for a normal vs. an infertile population. Initially the test will be offered at a significantly discounted fee for the first 50 specimen and tests are currently limited to 2 specimens a week and only on Thursdays. People who are interested must be a patient of Dr. Seaman’s. The test cannot be performed on patients with a severely low sperm count or density below 3Million/ml. It is hoped that new technology such as the cap score can offer new guidance in couples with male factor infertility. For more information visit

Check out this new publication by Dr. Seaman regarding a new test in male infertility!


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