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If you’re experiencing difficulty conceiving a child or have a painful, heavy feeling in your scrotum, you may be suffering from varicoceles, an enlargement and swelling of blood vessels in the area. Varicoceles can develop over time and affect your ability to conceive children, even when they produce no other symptoms. Fortunately, they are easy to diagnose and can be treated with a simple surgical procedure, and board-certified urologist Eric K. Seaman, M.D., in Denville and Millburn, New Jersey, can help with both. To learn more, call the Male Fertility Doc office or schedule an appointment online today.

Varicocelectomy Q & A

What is a varicocele?

A varicocele is a swelling or enlargement of the veins in your scrotum, the loose sac holding your testicles. A varicocele is very similar to the varicose veins some people get in their legs or other places on their skin. Varicoceles can cause pain or a heavy sensation in your scrotum, but they’re usually painless.

Varicoceles are a leading cause of decreased sperm quality and production, and they can eventually lead to infertility or testicular shrinking and atrophy. However, not all varicoceles interfere with sperm production or cause infertility. Luckily, they are easily diagnosed and Dr. Seaman can tell whether your varicoceles require surgical correction after a simple exam.

What are the symptoms of a varicocele?

Generally, a varicocele produces no symptoms and many people only realize they have them when they investigate why they’re struggling to conceive. However, varicoceles can cause pain in your scrotum that varies from a dull ache to sharp discomfort. This pain usually grows worse if you remain standing for a long time, or over the course of your day, and feels better when you lay on your back.

Over time, varicoceles can develop to the point that you can see them through your scrotal skin. Many people describe them as looking like a bag of worms or ropes. This can also cause swelling of one testicle, almost always the left one.

What is a varicocelectomy?

If your varicoceles are causing pain or infertility, a varicocelectomy is the most effective treatment option. This is a simple surgery Dr. Seaman performs to cut and seal the veins that have become swollen. Usually, he does this procedure while you’re under general anesthesia to avoid any discomfort, and you’ll likely be able to go home the same day as your procedure.

After your varicocelectomy, you’ll have a few hours to rest while your anesthesia wears off, and can then return home to recover. You should avoid physical activity for a few days while you heal, and refrain from sexual activity for a few weeks.

If you’re suffering from varicoceles or have any questions, call the office of Eric K. Seaman, M.D., or schedule an appointment online today.