World vasectomy Day Conference on the Latest Techniques for Vasectomy.

Dr. Guarin lecturing for the WVD group.

World vasectomy Day Conference on the Latest Techniques for Vasectomy.

On Saturday June 18,  I participated in the World Vasectomy Day  webinar:  “Update on Fascial Interposition: the Nuts and Bolts”.


Vasectomy is a procedure that accomplishes a permanent form of Male Contraception.   It is most commonly performed with the patient awake as in office procedure, but can be performed under anesthesia in cases of difficult anatomy or patient anxiety with procedure times generally ranging from 10 to 20 minutes. .     I have performed thousands of vasectomies over the past twenty years, and my technique has evolved over time.     


World Vasectomy Day was initiated in 2013 as a means of communicating and supporting a man’s role in taking responsibility for himself, his family and his and his family’s carbon footprint on the earth.   The sponsoring group (WVD Project) serves as a resource to practitioners around the globe who take a particular interest in and perform a large number of vasectomies.


During my fellowship and residency I trained in techniques using instruments designed for a “no scalpel” approach to vasectomy and I continued to use those techniques when I started practice in 1996.    In  2005, I adopted the use of the Madajet device (pressure injector for local anesthesia) to accomplish a “No Needle and No Scalpel Vasectomy.”      In 2012, the American Urological Association released its “Guidelines on Vasectomy.”   The Guidelines advocate for a further refinement in technique of fascial interposition in order to maximize chance of vasectomy success but acknowledged the effectiveness of other traditional techniques in experienced hands as well.  Fascial interposition refers to securing a layer of fascia between the two transected ends of the vas, making an anatomic impediment to the ends healing back together.


Saturday’s World Vasectomy Day presentation by an international group of urologists to an international audience demonstrated pearls and refinements to the technique, a technique that I have been using for the past several years.  


My current vasectomy technique incorporates both fascial interposition as well as an open ended technique for the testicular end of the vas to minimize the chances of any prolonged discomfort after the procedure.    


Initial consultation prior to the procedure can be performed either in person or as a telehealth visit.    If you have any interest in pursuing a vasectomy through my practice, please reach out through our website contact form or our phone number.

Eric K. Seaman MD Dr. Seaman is a urologist specializing in the field of Male Reproductive Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Seaman Completed his Male Infertility Fellowship under the direction of Larry I. Lipshultz MD at Baylor College of Medicine Houston in 1996. Since that time he has focused his practice on the sub-subspecialty focus area of Male fertility and infertility.

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