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This blog will cover areas related to medical therapy, surgical procedures and also current news in the field. I hope you find the information present to be relevant to your interests and of some help in accomplishing your goals.

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On Cancer and Fertility Preservation

One small part of the domain of fertility care pertains to preservation of fertility in the setting of malignancy.    I have treated…


Is sexual satisfaction better,worse or the same after Vasectomy? Recent studies state it’s better.

Vasectomy is a readily accomplished method of male contraceptive.  It is often performed in an office or outpatient setting and has been…


Is there a link between Prostate Cancer and Male Infertility?

The reproductive organs in a male include: the testicles, epididymides, vasa, prostate, seminal vesicles, cowpers (bulbourethral) glands, urethra and penis.    Recently, there…


Even if race is more based on a social construct than a genetic basis, Can it affect your sperm count?

Race, race awareness,  privilege, etc.  It’s all over the news, occupying our thoughts and consuming our conversations.   But race is, in fact,…


CRISPR Gene Editing

Review articles on the subject have appeared in Nature magazine.   Subsequently a webinar on Perspectives on the potential for CRISPR Editing of…


Male Fertility Evaluation, Your sex life and your state of mind

The finding of an abnormal semen analysis in the evaluation of an infertile couple can be disheartening to the male,  but sometimes…


Semen Analysis and Post Vasectomy Diagnostic using a Smartphone?

An article from March 22 2017 Science Translational Medicine authored by Manoj Kumar Kanakasabapathy1 et al reports on the development of a combination of…


An Affordable Home Male Fertility Test Available Right Now

Evaluation of the male partner in an infertile couple is often delayed until the couple has been trying for a period of…


The Literature shows that Vasectomy is NOT, I Repeat NOT Linked to increased risk of death from Prostate Cancer

Vasectomy is a readily performed outpatient or in-office minor surgical procedure that offers a permanent method for male birth control.     The “newer”…


A Potential Disruptive Breakthrough in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Axumin

This blog departs from my subject matter of fertility and infertility related topics, but the technology is so compelling, I felt compelled…

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