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This blog will cover areas related to medical therapy, surgical procedures and also current news in the field. I hope you find the information present to be relevant to your interests and of some help in accomplishing your goals.

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Surgical Sperm Retrieval and IVF vs. Vasectomy Reversal: Which Way to Go

For couples who desire a pregnancy, but the male partner has had a vasectomy, there are two options available: either reverse the…


The Phosphorus Male Infertility Panel

The Phosphorus Male Infertility Panel:  A Newer, More Useful Genetic Assay For Evaluation Of Men With No Sperm In the Ejaculate (Azoospermia)…


Is There a Better Technique to Wash Sperm For IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination) or IVF? The Answer May Be “Microfluidics”

Only 5% of the volume of the “raw” ejaculate is composed of sperm. The remainder comes from secretions made by the prostate,…


Is Vasectomy associated with an increased risk of Prostate Cancer?

A 2014 report from the Journal of Clinical Oncology by Mucci et al states there might be a very small increase in…


Some things to know about Prostate Cancer Risk and Screening.

The United  States has been witness to a dramatic decline in mortality from prostate cancer over the past three decades.     Although there…


Yes there are bacteria in your testicles and Yes, Those bacteria are different in the testes of Fertile vs. Infertile Men

A technique called Polymerase chain reaction or PCR was used to amplify specifically bacterial DNA from testis tissue specimens. This is a technique that allow identification of even cellular amounts of specific DNA…


Essure, a Procedure for Female Birth Control, Gets New Restrictions From the FDA.

The FDA continues to monitor the safety of Essure. Women considering permanent birth control should make fully informed decisions by getting information…


Does Sleep Deprivation Hurt Male Fertility? You Betcha, But too much sleep may be harmful as well.

Do you get enough sleep?  Does your partner?    Increasing demands of work may be shortening the duration of your sleep.  So may…


Can Male Sexual Abstinence Have an Effect on the Results of In Vitro Fertilization

IVF with ICSI has offered a path to pregnancy for hundreds of thousands of couples around the globe.   The procedure combines standard…


Natural Cycle App: Great Idea, not so great results. Vasectomy still rules when it comes to reliability

Smart phones are everywhere and their applications are ubiquitous. There’s an app for almost everything. Why not an app for birth control?…

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