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Welcome to the Male Fertility Blog. My intention is to share the medical knowledge and experiences gained in my practice to help provide a better understanding of Male Fertility procedures to the public. This blog will cover areas related to medical therapy, surgical procedures and also current news in the field. I hope you find the information present to be relevant to your interests and of some help in accomplishing your goals.
-Eric K. Seaman M.D., F.A.C.S.

Does Sleep Deprivation Hurt Male Fertility? You Betcha, But too much sleep may be harmful as well.

Do you get enough sleep? Does your partner? Increasing demands of work may be shortening the duration of your sleep. So may increasing time on the screen with facebook, instagram or other forms of social media. An attempt to assess the affect of sleep on the ability of men to conceive was reported in the March 2018 issue of Fertility and Sterility. Authors Lauren Anne Wise et al from the Boston University School of Public Helath, conducted the study.

Can Male Sexual Abstinence Have an Effect on the Results of In Vitro Fertilization

In standard IVF, Eggs are incubated with thousands of (often about 50,000) sperm. In either situation, the embryos are then allowed to grow. Currently, many centers allow the embryos to mature into a blastocyst form and a single blastocyst is transferred back to the female.

Natural Cycle App: Great Idea, not so great results. Vasectomy still rules when it comes to reliability.

Smart phones are everywhere and their applications are ubiquitous. There’s an app for almost everything. Why not an app for birth control?

The 'YO' sperm home test is here and it looks good!

I have previously written about home sperm tests previously including this one which previously was not ready for distribution. It was a 3D printed adaptation of one’s cell phone to make it into a substitute for a computer assisted semen analysis or CASA.

On Cancer and Fertility Preservation

This summer, it was announced that Rhode Island became the first state to pass a law explicitly requiring coverage of fertility preservation prior to, treatment that could directly or indirectly cause infertility. One small part of the domain of fertility care pertains to preservation of fertility in the setting of malignancy.

Is sexual satisfaction better,worse or the same after Vasectomy? Recent studies state it's better.

Vasectomy is a readily accomplished method of male contraceptive. It is often performed in an office or outpatient setting and has been ascribed virtues of being an economical form of birth control, a low risk form of birth control and even a more “green” form of birth control. However, one topic that remains relatively unexplored is the sexual satisfaction of couples after the male partner has undergone vasectomy.

Is there a link between Prostate Cancer and Male Infertility?

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer of men, being diagnosed in about two hundred to three hundred thousand men every year. The risk of prostate cancer is low before age fifty. With increasing age, it is common for a man’s prostate to enlarge and sometimes cause issues with bladder emptying. Unfortunately, the risk of prostate cancer also increases with increasing age as well.

Even if race is more based on a social construct than a genetic basis, Can it affect your sperm count?

A study by Khandwala et al in the August 2017 issue of urology explores this topic looking at a cohort of 1230 white men and 701 Asian men who had analyses done at a single center.

CRISPR Gene Editing

Review articles on the subject have appeared in Nature magazine. Discussion included use of CRISPR to knock out Genes, repair genes, and alter genes in basic research. CRISPR has been used to correct a germ cell (reproductive cell) in an animal model, in other words gene editing to correct a mutation.

Male Fertility Evaluation, Your sex life and your state of mind.

The finding of an abnormal semen analysis in the evaluation of an infertile couple can be disheartening to the male, but sometimes for some men the news is devastating. Feelings of inadequacy and failure can creep in and affect, not only the male himself, but the couples’ relationship.

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