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Welcome to the Male Fertility Blog. My intention is to share the medical knowledge and experiences gained in my practice to help provide a better understanding of Male Fertility procedures to the public. This blog will cover areas related to medical therapy, surgical procedures and also current news in the field. I hope you find the information present to be relevant to your interests and of some help in accomplishing your goals.
-Eric K. Seaman M.D., F.A.C.S.

CRISPR Gene Editing

Review articles on the subject have appeared in Nature magazine. Discussion included use of CRISPR to knock out Genes, repair genes, and alter genes in basic research. CRISPR has been used to correct a germ cell (reproductive cell) in an animal model, in other words gene editing to correct a mutation.

Male Fertility Evaluation, Your sex life and your state of mind.

The finding of an abnormal semen analysis in the evaluation of an infertile couple can be disheartening to the male, but sometimes for some men the news is devastating. Feelings of inadequacy and failure can creep in and affect, not only the male himself, but the couples’ relationship.

An Affordable Home Male Fertility Test Available Right Now

A new home test is now available that can reliably assess a man’s sperm count. The product is called the “Trak Male Fertility Testing System” and allows men to collect and then perform a sperm count with the convenience and privacy of their own home. Read More

The Literature shows that Vasectomy is NOT, I Repeat NOT Linked to increased risk of death from Prostate Cancer

The study appears in the March issue of the Journal of clinical oncology and is first authored by Karl Smith Byrnes. The Study was a prospective study following 84,753 men with an average follow up of 15 years. These were men from Denmark, Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom who provided information on vasectomy status at recruitment.

A Potential Disruptive Breakthrough in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Prostate Cancer: Axumin

This blog departs from my subject matter of fertility and infertility related topics, but the technology is so compelling, I felt compelled to share some information on the topic.

Semen Analysis and Post Vasectomy Diagnostic using a Smartphone?

Standard semen analysis includes an assessment of sperm concentration, motility (percentage of sperm moving and quality with which they move) and morphology (shape of the sperm). The new device/software is able to perform an assessment of concentration and motility of the sperm with over a 95% accuracy in terms of whether the specimen does or does not fulfill WHO criteria for a normal specimen (based on only concentration and motility).

Oh my G-d, I just ejaculated blood. It’s Hematospermia: Don’t panic.

Hematospermia literally means blood in the ejaculate. For men who have experienced it, it can be a shocking situation and a cause for tremendous anxiety. The cause for it is (not universally but) most commonly, benign. Why and how does it happen?

Vasalgel™: A Future New alternative to Vasectomy and Vasectomy Reversal, or is it?

Vasectomy is a procedure with a durable track record of being a minimally invasive and reliable method of achieving permanent male contraception. The concept with Vasalgel™ is injection of a polymer substance into the vas to block it off. No surgery, no cutting, just an injection.

Do Sons drive Vasectomy Decisions?

Results show: Vasectomized fathers have a higher proportion of sons compared to non-vasectomized fathers. Read more.

Another Male Fertility Test is coming to Market: The Episona SEED Test.

Episona, an “epigenetics data” company is a bringing a new male fertility test to market. The test is hoped to provide additional useful information in the evaluation of the male fertility patient in addition to and beyond the information a semen analysis provides.

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